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Our general approach

Education and Culture
By combining well equipped meeting rooms and a renowned gastronomy in a Renaissance castle restored in an exemplary manner, we are the educational and cultural center of Venosta Valley. We are the first contact for adults, children and young people who are looking for training opportunities. Our activity training is based on a holistic human image, which aims not only the activity of the people, but the development of their global capabilities for a life plan and co-responsibility in the social environment. So, we try to use the favorable environmental conditions for the connection between culture and education.

Quality and Efficiency
The primary goal of our association is to make women and men of all social classes easier access to training, without sacrificing quality. Decision making and flexible working are part of the structure of this chain of creative and economic, that confirms the landmarks mutual between innovative educational mission and figures related to company financial statements. Quality is at all levels of our organization the focus. For this we need the knowledge, the ability and willingness of all employees whose cooperation is open, honest, helpful and reliable.

Cooperation and Partnership
In Vinschgau Valley and beyond, we are a partner and service provider for competent and reliable cultural and educational activities. For you, we are partners and service structure in all branches of learning. Cooperation network in the long term, the exchange of intellectual tools are our goal. This will create a solid foundation for various educational fields forefront. Together and in coordination with other educational institutions, we want to offer the people of the Vinschgau Valley equal training opportunities as in the other parts of the country. Here we are guided by our own research and the needs of the country.

Nature and landscape
Where it promises success, we combine our experiences outside in the nature. The Vinschgau as fabulous landscape, steeped in cultural and natural landscape provides ideal conditions. We follow the principle that learning in nature given contextual environment causes greater sustainability. By “Ecological Education” increases the educational guideline of the event and the sympathy value for the location of the event. Education and culture become a pleasure and depart from the intellectual commitment character. Quality of education needs well-being, satisfaction and opens the desire to come back.