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Our Team

The staff

Managing Director

Gertrud Wellenzohn

Tel. +39 0473 742433

Pedagogical Director

Andrea Hanni

Tel. +39 0473 742433

Coordinator Convention Centre

Paul Frischmann

Tel. +39 0473 742433


Anna Marx

Tel. +39 0473 742433


Christian Frank

Tel. +39 0473 742433

Room and Breakfast Service

Christina Abertegger

Restaurant Service

Damaris Boris Palacio

Restaurant Service

Marion Auer

Cleaning Service

Götsch Juliane

Chief Cook

Francesco Coccimiglio

The executive board

Markus Pircher, chairman (legal representative)
Andrea Kofler, vice-chairman
Christiane Patscheider
Kurt Stecher
Ernst Steinkeller
Christian Stricker
Verena Tröger

The cooperative

The cooperative Educational Centre Castle Goldrain was founded on the 25th September 1987 in Goldrain and counts currently 90 members.

The purpose of the cooperative is the maintenance of the realty Castle Goldrain and the use of the unit for educational and cultural events.

The cooperative is administrated by the executive board which is elected every three years by the plenary meeting. Both the municipality Latsch and the valley committee Vinschgau are entiteled to elect one member for the executive board. The executive board elects its chairman and the vice chairman.